Think differently. At The Nora School, these are words we take to heart. This small, college preparatory learning community works to bring out the best in high school students with diverse learning styles. Many students find their way to us because they became frustrated in large, impersonal institutions, while others are looking for a richer, more engaging education without all the emphasis on standardized testing.

Our mission is to help our students find their own unique path in life.  We get them excited and confident about learning. We encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and their lives. We inspire them to view the world more critically. We prepare them for college, work, and life.

Nora students enjoy coming to school, some for the first time in years. Most say Nora allows them to be who they are, not who others say they should be. We offer, as one observer so aptly put it: “…a program that is magical for the nontraditional thinker.”

The most recent Middle States Accreditation Team put it thus:  “…we found a lively, nurturing, intently purposeful, safe, loving sanctuary in which students can blossom and develop skills and confidence to embrace successfully the harsh realities of the world outside this little oasis and to make a successful transition to college.”

We are a college-preparatory High School teaching grades 9-12. We sincerely welcome you. On this site, we invite you to discover the essence of our effort.

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