Welcome to Nora!  We are an intentionally small, college-prep, co-ed high school, grades 9-12. We encourage your son or daughter to get to know us.

We are looking for students who will benefit from attending a purposeful, engaging, personal, discussion-based and intellectually engaging environment and at the same time, will contribute well to our community. We enroll students in grades 9 to 12 in a diverse community from throughout the greater Washington DC metropolitan region. Our students are bright and college-bound, but before coming to Nora were perhaps not fully engaged or challenged in the larger or more rigid educational institutions. “Think Differently” is our motto, inspiring creative and critical thinking in our classrooms.

Students who are curious, engaged, interested in taking greater responsibility for their lives, socially adaptable and purposeful, and capable of successfully completing a challenging curriculum thrive here at Nora. The admissions process, too, is individual, personal, thoughtful and engaging: it includes a discussion with the parent/guardian(s) and the Admissions Director, a half-day student visit, a parent and student interview with the Head of School, as well as an application, multiple academic references, and an official transcript.

“Everyone deserves a second story.” Here at Nora, our students get a second chance to reinvent themselves by remembering the successes of being a thriving, college-bound student. While we are not a special-education school, we do understand that everyone’s brain utilizes different methods to learn best, all within a mainstream, discussion-based, collaborative environment. Our building, too, has recently undergone an expansion with a second story addition. As we grow, we will continue to be thoughtful in our admissions process, adding a limited number of additional student openings each year, while remaining dedicated to our mission by keeping our classrooms and community a small, engaging, nurturing and intellectual high school.

Current Openings: With this growth and a continued emphasis on offering Rolling Admissions, we are currently accepting qualified students in our current 9th and 10th grades, and have limited openings in 11th. We interview rising 9th graders (students currently in 8th grade) throughout the year as well.

Congratulations on taking an active role in helping your child become a stronger, empowered student. We look forward to meeting you soon.

How to apply

During the School Year:

  1. Get to know us. Contact Marcia Miller, the Director of Admissions, to visit or to request more information and brochures. Take some time to peruse the Nora School website with your student. Visit us at one of our Open House sessions. Stop by our table at the many education fairs we participate in. Come to our Parent Education Series or our other public events.
  2. Make an appointment for an Admissions visit and interview. Parent Meetings are held first and usually take place in the afternoons, either here at Nora or on the phone. From there the student is invited here for a half-day Admissions visit. Morning visits are from 9 – 12, and we also offer limited afternoon visits from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00. Each prospective student attends several classes with a host student and meets with the Head of School. Parents too will tour the school, meet with the Admissions Director and also meet with Dave Mullen, Head of the school. Parents are generally finished by 10:00 or 10:30, and return before noon to pick up their student.
  3. Submit an application, along with a $75.00 application fee. Call us for an application at 301.495.6672 or email Marcia Miller, Director of Admissions, at Completed applications are not required before the Admissions visit. The visit is required, however, to round out the full application.
  4. Submit a request to your current school for teacher references, official transcripts and records, and any educational testing to be sent directly to the Admissions Office. A transcript request form is included in the application papers. (A transcript can be faxed or emailed for the purposes of application timing, but an official transcript will be required before a student can begin attending classes.) Testing, while not required, is requested if any has been done.
  5. Submit a reference form to your student’s current and recent teachers.  Contact Director of Admissions Marcia Miller for this form.

Deadlines: We believe there is no deadline to knowing when a different school choice is the right one, thus there is no admissions deadline. Therefore, The Nora School continues to have a rolling admissions policy and when there are openings, we admit qualified students throughout the school year in addition to our students who join us at the beginning of the school year. (NOTE: Please review our Financial Aid page for deadlines and specific information related to this particular process, with submission deadlines annually in early February.) After we receive your child’s application, records, and at least 3-4 academic references, the Admissions Committee will review your student’s application materials. We will notify you of our decision either in March for Fall applications, or within 2-3 weeks of receiving the fully completed application for rolling admissions.

Visit us! If you cannot attend an Open House, we offer parent tours on pre-arranged dates, usually in the afternoons. If you’d like to schedule a visit to our school, or receive more information including an application, please contact Marcia Miller, Director of Admissions at or by calling (301) 495-6672.

We look forward to showing you our incredible high school learning environment.

Marcia Miller, Director of Admissions
(301) 495-6672

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