Financial Aid

If you’re wondering whether you can afford a Nora School education, the answer may surprise you. Financial aid is available for students whose families can’t afford the full cost of tuition. Need for financial aid is not a factor in the admissions decision. About 20 percent of our students are able to attend thanks to financial assistance. During recent academic years, the average grant was $14,000.

Parents who are interested in applying for financial aid should:

  1. Download the Nora School Financial Aid Worksheet. Fill this out and send it directly to the school, ATTN: Norman Maynard.
  2. Visit and set up an account there. You will need to complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online. The SSS will evaluate your information and send The Nora School an assessment of your estimated contribution. The Nora School code is 3413.
  3. Send both parents’ W-2 IRS tax forms, as well as a copy of your most recent 1040, along with all attachments and schedules. Send these forms directly to The Nora School, ATTN: Norman Maynard.
  4. Deadline (see also below) for Financial Aid submissions is mid-February.
  5. Admissions applications in full are also required by this deadline in order for Financial Aid to be considered. Admissions applications, including the student visit, are arranged through the Admissions Director. While the admissions committee makes decisions separately from the financial aid committee, all paperwork for the admissions process is required to be fully submitted by the Financial Aid deadline in order for the applicant to be eligible for the first round of financial aid consideration.
  6. Finally, you should plan to send in your current 1040, as above, by March 15.
  7. Returning families re-apply for financial aid every year within these deadlines.

These forms are evaluated anonymously by the Financial Aid Committee of the Board of Directors, which determines eligibility and award amounts. Please note that for current Nora families, financial aid is applied for yearly. Students applying to The Nora School must have a completed application received by the Admissions Office before consideration is made by the Financial Aid Committee.

The Nora School expects that both parents — whether married, separated, or divorced — bear responsibility for the cost of educating a child to the extent their finances permit. For that reason, the financial statement requests information from both parents, even in the case of separation or divorce.

Due dates: Parents should submit the application, the PFS, W2’s and the most recent 1040 no later than February 16 for first consideration for financial aid. Applications for aid after February 16 will be evaluated and awards will be made from whatever funds remain available. For a frame of reference, 90 percent of recent financial aid awards went to families with adjusted incomes below $50,000 per year.

Awards are made at the end of February/ early March and are tentative. Tentative awards become firm awards after we have received your current 1040. Our financial aid awards are fully met each year, usually in the Spring.

Please call the school and ask for Norman Maynard, Assistant Head and chair of the Financial Aid Committee, or Marcia Miller, Director of Admissions, if you have any questions. Alternately, you can email Norman or Marcia .

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