Welcome to the Eberhard, WEHS, Nora School alumni online community. Recapture the magic and memories you enjoyed at the school — and explore the many new things going on right now. Stay connected to your classmates and check the calendar for upcoming events. Make sure to visit the site and our Facebook page often.

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Join us! Visit us for our annual Thanksgiving Alumni Brunch! Each year on the day before Thanksgiving the Nora Nation gathers from 9am-11am for a wonderful brunch and reunion. Hope to see you there!

Let us know what you’re up to! To update your address or information about your life, please send an email to Dave Mullen at, or check out the Alumni Facebook page.

Interested in a reunion? We had a big one on our 50th and we’re planning to have another big one every five years… the next reunion party will be in 2019 on our 55th Anniversary!

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