College Counseling

What colleges and universities do Nora graduates attend? It’s one of the first questions parents ask us. In keeping with our educational philosophy, we guide students to find the colleges that are the best match for their individual talents, interest, and goals.

The college application process can be at once fun, exciting, and stressful. It will certainly be time consuming. Our objective in listing these various links and resources is to answer in advance many of the questions parents and students have, and to help you plan ahead.

You’ll find an enormous amount of information to help you as you plan for and apply to college. Of course, if you have more questions or need help of any kind, Nora’s teachers and staff are always here to help you every step of the way.

Nora School college assistance
The Nora School Code is 210962
Upcoming College Fairs from NCAC.
You’re 17… Time to Register to Vote!
Nora School College Handbook
Register for the SAT Online
Register for the ACT Online
Download the Common Application
Federal Student Aid Online
FAFSA Publications
Maryland Higher Education Commission
Other Financial Aid Information
Online Applications and Aid Info

College information
The Annapolis Group of Colleges
Colleges That Change Lives
Colleges of Distinction
XAP College Info
Do An Online College Search
College Views
How to Search for Colleges and How to Pay for Them

Good books
Colleges That Change Lives
Looking Beyond the Ivy League
Getting In Without Freaking Out
Harvard Schmarvard
Countdown to College
College Countdown Survival Guide
Campus Visits and Interviews
Getting In

SAT prep
Princeton Review
Ivy Bound

Online SAT prep
Power Prep
Reviews of Test Prep

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