Nora School students benefit from technology — from computer labs to software — which supports them in becoming better thinkers and learners. At every grade level, we weave developmentally appropriate technology into the curriculum. As a result, students can confidently take on challenges from conducting library research to creating their own videos.

Here’s a quick guide to the technology resources available at Nora. (Click here for a guide to software; and here for a guide to assistive technologies.)

The Nora School has a fixed desktop computer lab with 12 Dell Optiplex 990 workstations running the Windows 10 64-bit OS. These computers are frozen, which means any files saved on them are automatically erased upon re-boot. For that reason we encourage students using these computers to save to a flash drive or a cloud account. Students in certain classes, such as Digital Photography, have the ability to save their work to a network drive.

We also have a common printer to which students can send email attachments in order to print. Simply send an email to norapr1@hpeprint with a .doc, .docx. jpg. pdf, .png or excel spreadsheet attached and it will print – in black and white only.

Beyond these offerings, Nora is BYOD school, which means students should bring their own digital device to school. At this point, technology has evolved to offer the individual a range of choices, not just from Apple to PC to Linux or other, but from laptop to netbook to tablet to smart phone (though the latter is not encouraged as a production device). We feel forcing students to adopt one or another is counter-productive. Our emphasis is on the final product – whether it be a spreadsheet or presentation or video – and the process of how you get there is up to you. Some will choose to keep everything on their Macbook; others like the freedom of the cloud and being able to access their files from multiple devices.

We do have a 1-2 Chromebooks to borrow on those rare occasions when your own device is in the shop. These are NOT meant as everyday loaners, and students who rely on them as such will be turned away.

On the lab computers, we support Microsoft Office,  Adobe Design Suite Premium CS5.5, Derive, Geometers Sketchpad, and a variety of other software packages. Our Acceptable Use Policy is designed to ensure smooth working of all computers at all times. However, by far the best and most cost-effective solution for any student here at Nora is to use Google Docs & Drive. If you have a gmail account, you automatically have access to both of these, which are powerful, mostly device independent, cloud based and free. And while you should be sure to check privacy statements and settings when using these tools, they are great tools, especially for the disorganized. (See more at the link below.)

Be sure to also begin using your Google Calendar. Start by importing The Nora School calendar!

Students and parents can check grades online at our PlusPortals site.  Each family has a log-on number and a password. Please call Marcia, Norman or Avé if you need help.

Here’s a guide to software we think works well for Nora students.

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